The Essex Associations of Local Councils (EALC) is a member led body which aims to protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of Parish, Village, Community or Town Councils in Essex.

The EALC is managed by its Executive Committee, which is made up from representatives from each district. 


Executive Membership and Honorary Officers

2017 Executive Meetings

19th January - EALC Offices

23rd March - EALC Offices

25th May - EALC Offices

20th July - EALC Offices

7th September - EALC Offices

23rd November - EALC Offices


Strategic Plan and Vision

The EALC has a Strategic plan and vison which can be viewed through the links below.  

Strategic Action Plan


Strategic Action Plan and Vision


Honorary Officers




The EALC appoints honorary officers to promote the status and support the work.  Honorary Offices include a President who acts as host at the EALC Annual General Meeting and Vice Presidents who act as hosts and dignitaries at various functions and other important or special meetings.

The EALC constitution provides for the appointment of a President and up to four Vice Presidents.  The term of office is four years and the appointments are made at the Annual General Meetings.

The Annual General Meeting must be held annually after the end of April and before the end of September each year.


Members Expense Policy and Claim form in PDF and Word 




EALC Constitution, Standing Orders, & Financial Regulations 

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