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Chief Executive Officer, Charlene Slade                 

            Working Hours

  • Mon-Thurs 9 - 5pm
  • Fri 8.30 - 4pm

Executive County Training Officer, Pearl Willcox 

            Working Hours 

  • ​Mon-Thurs 9 - 5pm

Parish Support & Development Officer, Amanda Brown

            Working Hours 

  • ​Mon - Tues 9 - 3.30pm 
  • ​Fri 9.30 - 4pm


Funding Officer, Louise Gambardella

            Working Hours 

  • Mon - Tues 9 - 5pm 
  • Thurs 9 - 1pm 
  • ​Fri 9 - 4pm

Communications Officer, Eli Haines  

           Working Hours

  • Mon - Thur 9 - 5 pm
  • Friday - 8:30 - 4 pm

Communications Officer (on maternity leave),

Rebecca Sheppard

            Working Hours

  • On maternity leave
Health & Wellbeing Officer, Danielle Frost 

            Working Hours 

  • Mon 10 - 2pm 
  • Tues 9 - 3.30pm 
  • ​Thur 9 - 3.30pm

Sage Administrator, Lucy Alston-Nogueira 

            Working Hours 

  • Mon - Friday 9 - 1pm 


General Office Email


Legal Enquiries Email 

At the start of the lockdown in March the EALC introduced a new system for members to raise legal queries, and ask questions concerning legal, process and procedural matters. The new legal response system has received positive commendation from our membership, and has now dealt with over 450 cases (since March 2020). Any legal, process or procedural enquires should therefore be emailed to                                                                   

This email account is also designed to provide updates for various plans going forward. It involves a new form being raised and your responses will be provided on a PDF copy of the form.

EALC Legal Process & Procedure Form 



42B High Street, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1AH


Telephone:   01371 879722 



Office Opening Hours:  

Monday to Thursday:  9.00am to 5.00pm   

Friday:  9.00am to 4.00pm

Visits to the office of the EALC are available by prior appointment, this will ensure that the correct person is available to assist with your enquiry.


All communications by letter or email to the EALC will be acknowledged within 5 working days. Please inform us as soon as possible if no acknowledgement is received.