Emergency CIF


Community Initiative Fund Emergency Grant 2020/21

...this fund is currently closed but may re-open at a later date - TBD...


There is provision within the Communities Initiative Fund (CIF) for grants over £500 and up to £10,000 to be made, on an exceptional basis, outside of scheduled bidding rounds on the grounds of extreme urgency.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate the urgent nature of the request and why it was not possible to use the normal CIF grant application process.

The applicant shall have to demonstrate why financial reserves, indemnities or other funding cannot be utilised to fund the requirement.

Examples of Emergency Funding

  • Loss of damage to community assets/equipment that prevents community activities to occur.
  • Loss of service provision that has an immediate impact on members of the community
Essential Documents

Please contact our funding team on 01371 879722 or via email at funding@ealc.gov.uk if you have further questions.

The Essex Association wish to formally thank Essex County Council for the support provided to the EALC, Parish & Town Councils, Village and Communities across Essex.