Executive Committee

The Essex Associations of Local Councils (EALC) is a member led body which aims to protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of Parish, Village, Community or Town Councils in Essex.

The EALC is managed by its Executive Committee, which is made up with representatives from each District, Borough, City or Unitiary Council area. Each area is encouraged to form Local Associations to feed into the EALC and then into the NALC.


Executive Committee Membership & Honorary Officers


Cllr Peter Davey                              



Cllr David McPherson-Davis         


Vice Chairman

Cllr John Gili-Ross                       

Cllr Wendy Stamp



Cllr Alan Acott                               

Ms Beverley Rumsey

Cllr Stuart Berlyn                        

Cllr Mandy Cohen                         

Cllr Jim Devlin                               

Cllr Abdul Hafiz                           

Cllr Richard North

Cllr Stephanie Gill                      

Cllr Roger Mannion                                            

Cllr Jeanette Stilts                     

Cllr Alan Townsend                                           

Cllr Mandy Hessing 

Cllr Michael Talbot 



Cllr John Jowers



Mrs Joy Darby 

Lord-Lieutenant Jennifer Tolhurst  

Mr Mick Page

Cllr Sheila Jackman - MBE

Cllr Anne Brown


EALC Executive Meeting Dates 2021

21st January 2021

18th March 2021

13th May 2021

15th July 2021

9th September 2021

23rd September 2021 (AGM & Conference)

18th November 2021



All meetings are to be held virtually (unless advised otherwise)


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EALC Structure & Executive Member Roles