Essex Association of Local Councils


The Essex Association of Local Councils is a member-led organisation that supports and serves the town & parish councils of Essex. We provide tailored training and educational courses to Clerks, Chairs and Cllrs which cover a variety of important topics. We also offer professional legal support to member councils and referral to Vine HR, Essex Legal Services and the National Association of Local Councils.

To meet the challenges presented throughout the year, the EALC work hard to keep the membership informed of what is happening in and around both the county and nationally. We consequently send out various publications (both physical and digital), information bulletins and urgent updates. They range from the comprehensive e-bulletin to police engagements, training, funding opportunities and job vacancies.

The EALC also administer a number of grants and public funds which are awarded to applicants in aid of various local programmes, charitable initiatives and community enterprises. For instance, we recently launched the Communications & Technology Micro-Grant. This provides support to grassroots organisations responding to the pandemic who rely largely on volunteers to deliver their projects and have limited infrastructure to support their communications and technology. Applicants can apply for up to £500 per project (please see the Micro-Grant Fund page for details).

The Essex County Association also lead the way nationally in the Local Council Award Scheme. Our councils have achieved more awards than any other association in England. Essex's accreditations currently stand at 58, whilst our closest rival, Gloucestershire, stands at just 30 and the next closest being Norfolk with just 25. The interest shown in the LCAS by parish & town councils continues to grow with five councils already gaining accreditation this year. A further 10 have registered their interest with the EALC as well.

The EALC continues to thrive and gain national recognition as one of Britain's strongest county associations. This is reflected in the high level of council affiliation the EALC receive from Essex parishes.



The EALC office is open between 09:00 & 17:00 from Monday to Thursday, and between 08:30 & 16:00 on Fridays. We can be reached on the landline number 01371 879722 during these times.


The Essex Association of Local Councils would like to thank Essex County Council for their continued support of and financial commitment to our activities and services in the parish sector of Essex.