In-Person Meetings


Returning to 'In-Person' Council Meetings


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As we return to in-person meetings, it is important that parish and town councils carry out risk assessments of their venues to ensure they comply with Covid19 social distancing and general safe-practices. From Monday 17th May, the use of public venues such as town halls has been permitted for up to 50% capacity. This should allow many councils to once again meet face-to-face (subject to social distancing, risk assessments and planning). Please see the following documents for a framework to conduct safe in-person' meetings. Visit the NALC's Covid19 page for further details.


High Court Delivers Judgement on Remote Meetings


Following the High Court judgment on remote meetings, a NALC summary and further information are set out in the ‘preparing for the return to face-to-face meetings’ section.


The NALC have reviewed and updated their Coronavirus information on remote meetings. They have provided updated information and guidance.


Please read the full NALC statement here.


If you wish to seek further advice, please contact and we will get back to via email. The EALC wishes to thank our member-councils for their understanding and hard work during this challenging time.



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